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Kampo Library


【 The use of this application is limited to Kampo Square Members only:YOUR Kampo Square Account is required for downloading 】** Kampo: Japanese Herbal MedicineKampo Library is an application service to provide e-books relating Kampo and other herbal medicine, as well as free access to e-magazines produced by TSUMURA Co. and other e-booklet for Kampo Square Members.【 Notes 】・ For downloading, you will be asked to type in Kampo Square Member’s ID and password・ If you misplaced your password, you can have your password re-issued at Tsumura Kampo Square Home Page. Procedures may take up to 2-hour to completion**membership criteria** Please note that the application intends to serve those who associate with Medicine: Membership can only be obtained after clarification procedures (assessment) are completed
【 How to download 】Go to [TOP (page top)] when logged-in, go to [Categories], tap the e-book you wish to access, then tap [browse]. You will be asked to choose either [Streaming] or [Download].* Streaming (media) can be displayed online regardless of the device capacity* Downloaded (media) can be displayed off-line once downloading is completed* For downloading, Wi-Fi environment is recommendable**note** Downloaded item may not be accessible for non-members
【 Application Functions 】Search: Does Keyword search for the matching item at your requestCategories: Displays a categorised selection of e-books on your deviceUpdate: Performs an update whenever new e-books are added onto your book shelfBook Shelf: Displays e-books that are downloaded or/and streamed
【 Browsing Mode Application Functions 】Contents: Screen moves directly to the page at a tap on the items off The Contents Thumbnail: Displays a reduced size of preview image. Skip to the page by tapping on the image on the screenSearch: Does word-search by typing in the keyword. Search results will be listed-up and the search word will be hi-lighted on the listZoom/Shrink: The Zoom/Shrink function pinches in to enlarge and pinches out to reduce the screen.
* Contents are being updated monthly